Sunday, October 08, 2006

Eileen Gray Folding Screen

Four-piece, foldable screen. Wooden frame with two differing perforated panels. High-gloss lacquer finish in black or grey.

Eileen Gray Blue Marine Rug

Eileen Gray designed Blue Marine for her house on the sea in the south of France.

Eileen Gray Castellar Rug

Castellar is a hymn to the radiant southern sunlight of the place where Eileen Gray built her country home.

Eileen Gray Wendingen Rug

Wendingen is a tribute to the Dutch architectural journal which made Eileen Gray famous.

Eileen Gray Roquebrune Rug

Roquebrune commemorates the place where Eileen Gray built her first house, a white villa on the sea.

Eileen Gray Kilkenny Rug

Kilkenny is a reminiscence by Eileen Gray on the green of her Irish homeland.

Eileen Gray Bonaparte Rug

Bonaparte is named after Rue Bonaparte in Paris, where Eileen Gray lived for decades.

Eileen Gray St. Tropez Rug

St. Tropez is dedicated to the peninsula which Eileen Gray held particularly dear and which she was one of the first people to discover.

Eileen Gray Satellite Mirror

Created for the house E-1027.

Eileen Gray Castellar Wall Mirror

Wall mirror with a swivel-mounted section. Chromium-plated steel frame. Mirror made of polished crystal glass with faceted edges.

Eileen Gray Roattino Floor Lamp

Floorlamp. S-shaped steel tubing in black. A pivot enables various positions of the lampshade. Base in steel, lacquered in black.

Eileen Gray Tube Light

Eileen Gray Petite Coiffeuse Dressing Table

Dressing table consisting of table-top and suspended box with two swivel out drawers and one door. Frame of chromium-plated steel tubing. Table-top and box high-gloss lacquer finish in black.

Eileen Gray Occasional Table

Side table with round or rectangular table-tops. Frame of chromium-plated steel tubing. Table-tops of MDF high-gloss lacquer finish in Chinese red, black, grey or white.

Eileen Gray De Stijl Side Table

This versatile side table was one of Eileen Gray's favourite pieces and stood in her living room up to the time of her death. In 1922 she showed it in Amsterdam at an exhibition of French art. It was no surprise that the small table attracted the attention of the "de Stijl" architects.

Eileen Gray Adjustable Table E1027

Among the classics this is perhaps the classic. Its ingeniously proportioned, distinctive form has made this height-adjustable table into one of the most popular design icons of the 20th century. It is named after the summer house E 1027, “Maison en bord de mer”, that Eileen Gray built for herself and for her collaborator, Jean Badovici.

Eileen Gray Rivoli Tea Table

Originally a tea table with foldable table-top and two swivelling trays. Frame and trays of chromium-plated steel. Table-tops of MDF high-gloss lacquer finish in black or grey.

Eileen Gray Lou Perou Table

Frame of chromium-plated steel tubing. Part of the table-top can be lifted up to extend the table. Table-top made of MDF high-gloss lacquer finish in black or white.

Eileen Gray Jean Table

Jean, named after Eileen Gray’s intimate friend of many years, the architect Jean Badovici, stood in various models in their summer villa E 1027.

Eileen Gray Double X Table

Frame of chromium-plated steel tubing. Table-tops available in: MDF high-gloss lacquer finish in black. Crystal glass top.

Eileen Gray Menton Table

Table can be pivoted to two different heights. Frame of chromium-plated steel tubing. Table-top: linoleum surface, black on one side and grey on the other, with solid beech wood edging.

Eileen Gray Lota Sofa

Loose back and side cushions are filled with natural down and stabilisers. Sideboxes finished in high-gloss lacquered MDF, mounted on rollers. Front and back are black, top and sides in Chinese red, beige, grey or black. Cover in fabric or leather.

Eileen Gray Monte Carlo Sofa

Eileen Gray's perhaps most exclusive sofa radiates an allure from which no beholder can escape. The soft curve, the most unusual lines of the backrest make the "Monte Carlo" an incomparable and striking one-of-a-kind in the history of 20th century design (like Eileen Gray herself).

Eileen Gray Day Bed

The "Day Bed" is rightly counted among the most famous designs from Eileen Gray. The lounge "offers pleasant and comfortable seating and is, moreover, particularly suited to relaxing."

Eileen Gray Bar Stool No.2

Eileen Gray created not only classical seats such as sofas or chairs, but also a series of three unconventional bar stools. Version no. 2, originally designed for the house E 1027, also featured in her Paris apartment in Rue Bonaparte.

Eileen Gray Bar Stool No.1

Eileen Gray designed bar stools in several variations. The Bar Stool No. 1 is the simplest and most handsome of them all. It initially found itself, along with the folding mirror Castellar in the wash corner of her bedroom in her summer home E 1027.

Eileen Gray Non Conformist Chair

It piques and provokes what one might expect of it, and yet it is inexplicably aesthetic and harmonious - a nonconformist on velvet paws.

Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair

Bibendum is a one of a kind. Nowhere in the history of design will one find an armchair that compares to this. It is captivatingly harmonious despite its size and unites a majestic impressiveness with charm and esprit like no other leather armchair.

Eileen Gray Bonaparte Chair

Bonaparte is one of the seldom cases in which the luxurious comfort of an upholstered chair has been successfully united with a tubular steel construction. The result communicates both ease and convenience. Actually conceived as a piece for drawing rooms, Eileen Gray found Bonaparte so pleasant that she used it for decades as her desk chair in her Paris home at Rue Bonaparte.

Eileen Gray Transat Chair

Created for the house E-1027.

Eileen Gray Roquebrune Chair

For the terrace of her second house in Castellar Eileen Gray designed a very comfortable chair with a deep seating area. It was covered with blue canvas. She created another version, this one for interior use, that was identical in the lines but was finished instead in leather. And thus “Roquebrune”, another design classic from the 30’s, was born.

Eileen Gray Aixia Chair

Aixia was one of Eileen Gray’s personal favourites. She used this chair in all of her apartments, sometimes in the dining room, sometimes at a desk.